What is Progressive Overload? Why is it Necessary for Muscle Building?

Progressive Overload is a crucial part of resistance training or weight lifting. More or less every experienced weight lifters, professional bodybuilders & athletes uses this principle to achieve better muscular strength, gain muscle mass & endurance. If you are a newbie in the world of muscle, fitness and bodybuilding then you may have heard this … Read more

How to Get Veiny Arms! Best Tips to Follow!

When you watch bodybuilders and fitness freaks showcasing their arm & forearm muscles with veins embroiling on those parts, you may have thought them as too hot or a sign of fit body. These veiny condition of a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast is called vascularity. Although, vascularity is not a proper sign of a … Read more

Best Back Workout Routine For A Perfect Back!

Many beginners or even intermediate lifters are often confused about what back workout routine they should follow or what exercises they should include in their back workout sessions for best results. Because, a back consists of so much muscle groups that makes people really confused to what to do first & what to do later; … Read more

10 Best Cardio for Weight Loss!

When it comes to shed fat and stay in healthy weight, Cardio exercises are proven to be the most effective along with a clean calorie-deficit diet. Most of the cardio exercises can be easily done at anywhere without the requirement of any equipment. However, if you have to choose the best cardio for weight loss … Read more

5 Best Exercises for Lats (V-Taper Guaranteed!)

Latissimus Dorsi is a major muscle group that runs both sides of our back. The lat muscles are the one of the biggest, most important & most popular muscles. Important because they are the primary reasons how your back looks like with or without cloths so building the lats will provide your back bigger & … Read more

Henry Cavill Workout Routine for Superman & The Witcher!

There is no argue that Henry Cavill is the best Superman on the big screen. He may not have the powers of Superman but he certainly possesses the look of Superman as we have seen in the DC movies since when he was first featured in 2013’s movie, “Man of Steel”. Furthermore, Netflix’s ongoing Fantasy-action … Read more

10 Best Exercises for Back (Hit Every Muscle!)

A big, stronger & muscular back is the foundation of quality upper body. Moreover, the lats hanging from the back that creates the ‘V’ shape is the ultimate beauty of a muscular body, right? So, if you want to build every muscle of your back to make a thick, strong and overall muscular ‘V’ shaped … Read more

8 Best Deadlift Variations You Should Try!

After Barbell Squat, Deadlift is undoubtedly the greatest strength building as well as overall muscle building compound exercise & majority of the gym-goer or athlete in rookie and pro level perform this movement in their workout sessions but due to multiple reasons, many people find the standard or Conventional Deadlift either difficult or habituated. Beginners … Read more