Dirty Bulking: Beneficial or Harmful?! Know the Truth!

The term “bulking” is a very familiar word in the world of bodybuilding, weightlifting and some other physically active sports. Basically, bulking is a method of rapid weight gain as well as mass gain which is done by increasing the daily calorie intake paired with lifting weights or using resistance training in the gym. So, … Read more

How to Gain Weight Healthily – 5 Best Tips!

Being underweight might not be as common as being overweight but we know, some people are still suffering from being underweight. There are many possible reasons behind an underweight physique. In most cases, it is genetics and lack of nutrition. But there are also some underlying reasons such as fast metabolism, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer and … Read more

5 Best Protein Sources You Need Most for Muscle-building!

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle in our body. Without an optimum amount of daily protein intake, you will be having trouble building muscles properly. At least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is considered optimum for muscle growth in a beginner fitness enthusiast. However, the quantity can be increased up … Read more