Bubble Gut or Palumboism: The Dark Secret of Bodybuilding!

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Cable Lateral Raise: How to, Tips, Benefits & Variations!

Cable lateral raise is a potent weapon in the arsenal of anyone aiming to build strong, round and defined deltoids. This exercise is designed to target the lateral or side deltoid muscles, which contribute to the width and 3D-like aesthetics of the shoulders. In this article, we’ll guide you through the proper technique and tips … Read more

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Muscle Memory in Bodybuilding: Regain and Thrive!

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9 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth [Most Effective!]

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10 Best Pull Up Variations You Should Try At Least Once!

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Bulgarian Split Squat: How to, Benefits, Variations & Alternatives!

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Cable Bicep Curl: How To, Tips, Benefits, Variations & More!

Cable Bicep Curl is one of the most effective exercises for biceps because of multiple reasons. It is kind of an advanced version of traditional barbell curl and it helps you to put your biceps into more time under tension that activates your muscles for longer period of time and may lead to better results. … Read more

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row: How to, Tips, Benefits & Variations

The chest supported dumbbell row is a very effective exercise for back that primarily targets the muscles of the upper back, including the rhomboids, middle trapezius, and rear deltoids. It also engages the biceps and helps to improve your posture. If you wish to have a strong and muscular upper back and anterior deltoids then … Read more