10 Benefits of Avocado: The Extraordinarily Healthy Fruit!

Avocados are highly-nutritious fruits that are filled with many vitamins and minerals which are necessary for tons of amazing health benefits for our body from improving gut health to protecting against cancer like deadly diseases! The high amount of healthy fat called MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) in avocado also helps to provide several health benefits like supporting heart health and reducing inflammation. Overall, an avocado is a very nutrient-dense and healthy fruit which you should add in our daily diet if you wish to enjoy these 10 incredible health benefits of avocado!

Supports Bone Health

Most people overlook vitamin K but they can’t realise how important it is for maintaining healthy bones and joints. What this nutrient actually does is, increasing the calcium absorption and on the contrary, reducing the urinary excretion of calcium. In this way, you can get the most out of the calcium you consume. So, this will definitely lead to healthy bones and joints while reducing the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Avocado is very rich in vitamin K. 100 grams or half of an avocado provides 18% DV (daily value) of vitamin K which is a great amount and consuming avocado daily can help you fulfil your daily vitamin K needs so that you can have healthier bones and joints. So, no doubt this is one of the greatest benefits of avocado.

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Helps to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Avocados are packed with various plant compounds and sterols that are beneficial for our human body. One of these sterols is beta sitosterol which has the ability to maintain the cholesterol in a healthy level.

This will lead to a healthier heart with less chance of diseases. This is one of the unknown and underrated benefits of avocado. So, if you want to maintain your cholesterol levels, getting beta sitosterol daily from avocados is the ideal choice.

Improves Digestion and Supports Gut Health

Avocadoes are rich in fiber and we all know how crucial fiber is for digestion. Fiber can help to digest food properly by supporting the digestive tract health. This will further help to prevent constipation and even reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Moreover, fiber can reduce the secretion of hunger hormone so that you can’t feel hungry easily. It will prevent you from unnecessary cravings and help to maintain healthy bodyweight. 100 grams of avocado or half of this fruit contains 6 to 7 grams of fibers which is an excellent amount. Should we need to confirm that this is one of the outstanding benefits of avocado? If you are suffering from constipation or other digestive issues, you shouldn’t miss avocado.

Detoxifies Your Body Naturally

As we already discussed, avocado is rich in fiber and fiber helps to digest the food well. For this reason, better digestion leads to regular bowel movements and regular bowel movements is very necessary for removing the toxins from the body through bile and stool.

This is called detoxification of the body and it helps to maintain proper balance of healthy bacteria in our body. This bacterial balance is important for promoting good liver health, gut health and for other internal organs.

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Protects Your Vision

Zeaxanthin and lutein – these two carotenoids are essential to protect our eyes and minimise the damage from dust, bacteria and even UV light. These two abovementioned phytochemicals are vastly present in avocados so consuming avocados can make sure your eyes stay safe and protected by providing them inside the eye tissue. To be honest, this is one of the important benefits of avocado that not many people can realise!

Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers!

Avocados possess tons of beneficial carotenoids or phytochemicals that can protect the body from the onset of some type of cancers. However, there are not enough studies to prove that yet but these compounds do have anticancer properties. For this reason, there is a chance that they can prevent certain cancers such as breast, oral and throat cancer.

In addition, avocados are high in folate, an essential B vitamin that is necessary for our body to reduce the risk of developing cancer cells in our colon, pancreas and stomach. Half of an avocado or 100 gram of this fruit contains 15% DV (daily value) of folate so eating avocado daily can help you to fulfil your daily folate requirement and may protect against colon, pancreas and stomach cancer. Again, enough studies on these topics are still necessary to draw a confirmed conclusion.

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Maintains Fetal Health & Prevents the Risk of Miscarriage

One of the greatest benefits of avocado is again related with its high folate content. Folate is crucial for pregnant women as it can reduce the risk of miscarriage.

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended to consume at least 600 mcg/micrograms of folate and we already know that avocados are rich in folate. One single avocado provides 160 mcg folate which helps a pregnant woman to easily fulfil that 600 mcg on a daily basis.

Reduces The Risks of Chronic Heart & Other Diseases

Avocados are very high in healthy fat called monounsaturated fatty acids aka MUFA as we already mentioned in the introduction of this article. This healthy fat provides various health benefits to our body. The greatest benefit it provides is to reduce the risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, MUFA with fiber is crucial in preventing conditions like stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc. And avocados are rich in fiber too – that we have already discussed well, right?

In addition, our body needs healthy fats to regulate healthy brain functions and consuming avocados can help you in that pretty easily. Without a hesitation, preventing several diseases and promoting brain health are two of the excellent benefits of avocado that makes you realise why you should not miss eating avocados.

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Reduces Inflammation in Bones and Muscles

The anti-inflammatory compounds may not be that much in avocados but what avocados got is healthy fats like MUFA and Omega-3 fatty acids. While MUFA plays a crucial role in preventing various diseases, Omega-3 helps you to reduce the inflammation in your bones, joints and muscles. For people who suffer from osteoarthritis, applying avocado oil can really benefit them by reducing the inflammation and pain.

For people who workout, consuming avocados can help to reduce the inflammation in the muscles after workout because of its high Omega-3 content. This will result into greater muscle recovery and faster recovery means better muscle growth. That’s why, you may have seen avocado is a part of the daily diet of most of the professional athletes and bodybuilders.

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Supports Skin Health, Brain Health and Other Benefits!

That healthy fat in avocados can also help to maintain the glow and the elasticity of the skin. The antiaging properties of avocados also helps in this case. In addition, consuming avocados can increase the cognitive functions of the brain and supports brain health by reducing the risk of depression and other mental issues thanks to folate again as well as MUFA.

Healthy fats like MUFA also helps our body to absorb nutrients more effectively. So adding avocados can help you absorb other nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins in a better way and this will ultimately help your health in many way. These are few other amazing health benefits of avocados that can not be forgotten even though they are often overlooked.


Therefore, these are the top 10 benefits of avocado that are more than enough to make you realise how extraordinarily healthy avocados really are! Consuming one or even half of an avocado can provide you tons of health benefits as we listed already. Avocado oil is also beneficial for several remedies like reducing inflammation in joints for osteoarthritis patients. Consuming this highly-nutritious fruit will surely make great changes in your health. Hope, this article about benefits of avocado has been proven to be helpful for you. If it is really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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