Best Back Workout Routine For A Perfect Back!

Many beginners or even intermediate lifters are often confused about what back workout routine they should follow or what exercises they should include in their back workout sessions for best results. Because, a back consists of so much muscle groups that makes people really confused to what to do first & what to do later; what to include & what to exclude. Well, no more confusions because here in this article, we will discuss about the best back workout routine that everyone can follow whether he/she is a beginner or intermediate or elite. Let’s know in detail about this excellent back workout routine that helps you to get a perfect back packed with more muscles & thickness.

Conventional Deadlift for a Strong Back!

Deadlift is not only one of the best exercises for back but also one of the most effective strength building exercises. When it comes to strengthen your every back muscle along with the spine, there is nothing better than this exercise. Deadlift is truly the best for overall back development as this exercise hits every back muscle from your traps to your glutes.

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Always do Deadlift first in your back workout routine when you are fresh so that you can lift enough heavy weight with low repetitions (6-8) of 4-5 sets for building strong and massive back. Start with the Conventional Deadlift and as you progress in lifting heavier weight, you can go for your suitable Deadlift variations for back & other muscles. To know more about Deadlift variations, read this article now.

Bent-Over Barbell Row for a Thick & Muscular Back!

After Deadlift, the second back exercise that you should perform in your back workout routine is Bent-Over Barbell Row which is another outstanding compound movement for back. It helps to build size & thickness in the back muscles. It is also a great strength building exercise as you can lift heavy weight in this back movement too. Bent-Over Barbell Row is quite a great overall back builder as it puts enough tension in the upper and lower back muscles simultaneously.

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After Deadlift, you should go for Bent-Over Barbell Row because it is another exercise that requires heavy lifting to put pressure on the muscles so you should have lots of stamina and strength to perform this. Go for heavy sets of 8-10 repetitions in 3 sets for maximum muscle growth, size and volume.

V-Grip Lat Pulldown for a V-Taper Back!

This one is my all time favourite for developing back as this V-grip Pulldown not only activates the lats more because of its long range of motion but also this exercise puts the inner muscles of the back like traps, rhomboids, teres & erector spinae into serious pressure to make your overall back more muscular, V-tapered & big.

After Bent-Over Barbell Row, you should include V-grip Lat Pulldown in your back workout routine. As it is a machine exercise, don’t go for heavy weight rather go for moderate weight with 8-12 repetitions in 3 sets for best muscle growth. To get advantages from the long range of motion, focus on the stretching of the back muscles especially the lats while performing each rep which will obviously lead to maximum results for a perfect back! If you were doing T-bar rows in your previous back workout routine, V-grip Pulldown is quite a good alternative for that & even better if done properly!

One Arm High Cable Row for Wide Lats!

One Arm High Cable Row is the best unilateral cable rowing exercise in our opinion. As you have to stand for executing this exercise, your lats will get more emphasis than other rowing exercises. Because of the high position of the cable, from upper to lower, every portion of your lat will be equally targeted. Thus, including this amazing rowing exercise after V-grip Lat Pulldown is the best way to widen your lats by putting more pressure on them!

Do this exercise for 10 reps of 3 sets with moderate weight after the V-grip Lat Pulldown. As this is a complex exercise to perform, proper form & focusing on the stretching of lat muscles is the perfect way to do it & to get the full benefit of the exercise. So, include this exercise in your back workout routine for guaranteed wide lats!

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown for a Wide & Muscular Upper Back!

We will finish off this amazing back workout routine with the most popular Lat Pulldown exercise which is obviously Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown. With a wide-grip, you will not only target the upper lats but also all the muscle groups of the upper back such as traps, teres etc. to make the upper back broader, thicker & definitely, more muscular. You may not find a great exercise like Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown so don’t forget to add this machine exercise at the end of your back workout routine.

After all the gruesome exercises, your energy level should be quite empty. So, with that keep in mind, perform this last one with moderate intensity & light to moderate weight for 10-12 reps of 3 sets. Try to squeeze your back muscles with your shoulder blades while pulling the weight down to create better muscle hypertrophy.

Time for Final Stretching!

So, our back workout routine has come to an end with these top 5 back exercises. Now, for 10-15 minutes, do some foam-rolling or stretching to ease the muscle pain & to maintain the flexibility of your muscles. After that, your back workout session is done & dusted. Now, you can go to home for some solid meal packed with protein, carbs & vitamins to replenish your glycogen level & to start the muscle synthesis.

Therefore, we hope that you have found this article about best back workout routine helpful enough for you. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Good luck on your fitness journey. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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