10 Best Testosterone Booster Foods to Increase Testosterone!

Testosterone is an essential male hormone that not only helps to maintain the natural sex drive but also actively participates in sperm production & maintaining muscle as well as bone health. If you feel less energetic, have lower sex drive & if your body fat has significantly increased in recent weeks then you are suffering from low testosterone. So, to increase the amount of  T-level naturally in your body, the first thing you need to do is to add some really good testosterone booster foods in your daily diet. Here, we have discussed about the 10 best testosterone booster foods that you should add in your diet. Without further ado, let’s know about these 10 best testosterone booster foods that you should consume to become a real man!


Ginger has proven itself many times that it can increase significant amount of testosterone in any human or animal body. Whenever scientists experiment on other animals especially rats fed by ginger, they find elevated T-level in their bodies. Thus, it is scientifically proven that ginger is one of the best testosterone booster foods that a person suffering from low testosterone should add in his diet.


A study from 2012 shows that consuming ginger can increase the T-level up to 17.7%!  So, without any hesitation, consume ginger from today to get the surprising benefits from it. It is best to chew the raw ginger to boost the testosterone in your body. However, if you don’t like ginger’s strong & spicy taste, you can consume ginger recipes such as ginger chicken, ginger tea etc.


These sweet little fruits play a vital role in boosting the T-level if consumed a handful daily, thanks to Resveratrol, one of the main components of grapes which also promotes sperm health. Additionally, grapes can boost sperm count, increase libido & improve the reproductive function in men.


Moreover, consuming grapes daily will increase the sperm mobility that means your sperms will swim faster! So, you can see, grapes are not only one of the best testosterone booster foods but also the all-rounder for improving your overall sexual health. So, if you are suffering from other sexual problems along with low testosterone then make the grapes your favourite food.


Just like ginger, it has been found in a study from 2012 that pomegranate can also boost the testosterone significantly like, up to 24%! So, it is no secret that this is one of the best testosterone booster foods that you should not miss adding in your diet if you want to boost your T-level really fast!


Consuming pomegranate or its juice in a regular basis has many other health benefits like reducing the risk of heart attack, prostate cancer, preventing joint pain & arthritis, improving exercise performance and many more because of its rich nutrients. So, you don’t want to miss this extraordinarily healthy food, do you?

Red Meat

Red Meat is a rich source of Vitamin D & zinc. Zinc is very beneficial for producing testosterone in the male body and Vitamin D is essential for boosting the hormone. Now, as both of them are sufficiently present in red meat, consuming red meat will definitely increase your T-level significantly and effectively.

Red Meat

Red meat is a protein rich food so the amino acid of protein promotes fat loss & muscle as well as bone health. But as an average person, make sure that you consume moderate amount of red meat twice or thrice a week otherwise consuming too much red meat daily can lead to other health diseases like colon cancer! Anyway, red meat is another excellent testosterone booster food that you can add in your diet.


Estrogen is a female hormone that also secretes from a male body just like testosterone from a female body. But, if the production of estrogen becomes high, it will dominate the testosterone to work properly so you need to cut down the extra estrogen in order to make your testosterone work more efficiently.


To do that, you have to eat cabbage. Yes, cabbage contains indole-3-carbinol which is a chemical that reduces the extra estrogen from a male body and enhances the performance of testosterone. Cabbage also promotes fat loss because of its high nutrient & low calorie profile so make sure you add this unique testosterone booster food called cabbage in your daily diet.


Sea fishes like Tuna, Salmon & Sardine are some of the richest source of Vitamin D and we all have already known that appropriate amount of Vitamin D helps to raise the T-level significantly.

In addition, these sea fishes are also rich sources of protein & Omega-3 fatty acid which will not only help you to build some lean muscle mass but also help you to lose some extra pounds of stubborn fat from your body. So, don’t forget to include sea fishes in moderation in your diet if you want to boost your testosterone with the help of Vitamin D.


When we get stressed, our body releases cortisol hormone which is bad for natural testosterone production. So, to lower the amount of cortisol, you have to eat garlic which consists of a compound named Allicin that is claimed to lower the cortisol hormone in your body. And, if the cortisol production is decreased, obviously your natural testosterone production will be in much higher amount.


So indirectly, garlic works as a great testosterone booster which you should add in your diet. You can consume raw garlic which is definitely the best option just like ginger but if you don’t like the taste then add with cooked meals.


A study in 2011 revealed that spinach and other leafy vegetables such as kale, collard greens, turnip greens and mustard greens which are packed with rich magnesium help in increasing the levels of free testosterone available in the body. Moreover, magnesium is said to increase the blood flow and that means, better penile erections is possible if you consume spinach in your daily diet.

One serving of spinach contains 39% magnesium of daily requirement so you can see how necessary spinach is to include in your daily diet. It is undoubtedly one of the best testosterone booster foods that you should consume daily to end your sufferings from the effects of low testosterone. However, if you don’t like to consume spinach, other leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, turnip greens and mustard greens are good alternatives of spinach since they are rich in magnesium too.


Venison is quite a complete food that has good source of protein, healthy fats, minerals like zinc & iron, vitamin D, vitamin B and what not! So, including venison in your diet will not only make your meals more balanced & complete but also helps to boost your T-level significantly and provides other health benefits.

Thus, it is safe to say that venison is also one of the best testosterone booster foods that you should consume. Besides increasing your testosterone hormone, consuming venison also leads to healthier skin, better eyesight, better muscle gain, stronger immune system & many more healthy benefits. So, you should not miss this amazingly healthy food if you want to boost your T-level and also want an overall healthy body.


Oyster is not only one of the best testosterone booster foods but also an excellent food for promoting sperm health and male reproductive function thanks to the huge amount of zinc available in oyster. It has been found that oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food in the planet!

And, we all know, how beneficial zinc is for producing testosterone and maintaining sexual health in our body. So, if your daily zinc requirement is not meeting, it is the time to include oyster in your diet to raise your T-level significantly.

A Bonus for You!


Consuming one glass of milk everyday will help you boosting your testosterone levels as it is rich in many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and the list goes on. Milk is rich in Vitamin D so it can increase the T-level to some extent. In addition, other nutrients like calcium is found in milk which helps to maintain healthy bones & teeth.

The other vitamins and minerals also can make you maintain a healthy overall body so just like venison, milk is also quite a complete food. Thus, include one glass of milk everyday in your diet to stay healthy and without any sufferings of testosterone deficiency. If you want some alternatives, plant milk such as coconut milk, almond milk are the good ones.

Bottom Line

Therefore, these are the 10 best testosterone booster foods that you can include in your diet to end your sufferings from low testosterone. Try every food from the list and add 4-5 foods that suit you most and benefits you the most as every body is different. Keep in mind, you can’t increase your testosterone levels naturally in just a few days so stick to your balanced diet with these testosterone booster foods for at least a few months to see results. Wish you all the very best. We hope you have found this article helpful enough. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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