12 Best Foods to Boost Testosterone in Your Body Naturally!

Testosterone is a crucial male hormone that is responsible for maintaining natural sex drive, sperm production, and muscle and bone health. If you are feeling less energetic, experiencing a reduced sex drive, and have gained significant body fat in recent weeks, it is likely that you are suffering from low testosterone. It is advisable to add some of the best foods to boost testosterone naturally in your body. Here, we have discussed about the top 12 best foods to boost testosterone. You should consider including them in your diet to see improvements in your T-level. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Ginger is a proven food for its testosterone boosting capabilities thanks to various researches over the years. A scientific study in 2012 have shown that ginger can increase testosterone levels by up to 17.7%. It is best to consume raw ginger, but ginger chicken or ginger tea can also recommended for those who do not like the strong, spicy taste. That is why, it is no secret why ginger is one of the best foods to boost testosterone in a human body.


Grapes are not only one of the best foods to boost testosterone but also known for their contribution in sexual health thanks to the compound known as Resveratrol. Resveratrol, one of the main components of grapes, can boost sperm count, increase libido, and improve reproductive function in men. Consuming grapes daily also increases sperm mobility, making it a great all-rounder for improving overall sexual health. So, if you are facing more than one sexual issues along with low T-level then it is time to make grapes your best friend.

Red Meat

Red meat is a rich source of Vitamin D and zinc, which are essential for producing and boosting testosterone in the male body. Thus, it can boost your testosterone significantly in an effective way if you consume it in a moderate amount. This makes it another great food to increase testosterone. Keep in mind that red meat is recommended to consume in a moderate amount despite being a protein-rich food because of its high amount of saturated fat that can harm your body in many ways.


Pomegranate is a highly nutritious food which is why it can provide tons of other health benefits apart from boosting the testosterone. Reducing the risk of heart attack, preventing joint pain and arthritis, and improving exercise performance are some of them. A study conducted in 2012 showed that pomegranate can increase testosterone levels by up to 24% which not only is an amazing amount but also easily makes it one of the best foods to boost testosterone. If you want to get all these extra health benefits then pomegranate should be in your daily diet.


What makes cabbage one of the best foods to boost testosterone is its ability to reduce extra estrogen aka the female hormone from the male body thanks to a chemical called indole-3-carbinol. It is a chemical inside cabbage that cuts down the extra estrogen from the male body and enhances the performance of testosterone. Furthermore, cabbage is also beneficial for fat loss due to its high nutrient and low calorie profile.

Tuna, Salmon & Sardine

We all know that these sea fishes are rich sources of protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids which help to build lean muscle mass and reduce stubborn body fat. But do you know? Sea fishes are some of the richest sources of Vitamin D and we have already mentioned how essential Vitamin D is for boosting testosterone hormone in a human body. For this reason, these fishes can help you to increase the T-level in your body in a significant amount. With red meat, sea fishes are also recommended if you want to build muscle as well as boost your testosterone.

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Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in our body when we become stressed and this hormone hampers natural testosterone production in human body which is why you need to limit this stress hormone. To do this, you need garlic because it contains Allicin, a compound that can lower cortisol hormone in the body. Lower cortisol production leads to higher testosterone production, making garlic easily one of the best foods to boost testosterone.


Just like red meat and sea fishes, venison is also packed with protein and vitamin D which make it another outstanding testosterone booster food but what makes it better is its other nutrient contents. Venison is quite a complete food because it not only contains protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids but also is a good source of minerals like zinc and iron, vitamins like D, B and others. For this reason, the health benefits of venison are not negligible at all. Along with boosting testosterone in human body, consuming venison leads to healthier skin, better eyesight, better muscle gain, stronger immune system & what not! You are not going to miss this amazing food, are you?

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Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens, turnip greens etc. are packed with rich magnesium that helps increase the levels of free testosterone available in the body. Magnesium also increases blood flow, leading to better penile erections. Studies have found that one ounce or 28-gram serving of spinach contains 39% magnesium of DV which makes it one of the best sources for magnesium. Kale, collard greens, mustard greens and other leafy vegetables are also good alternatives if you don’t like to consume spinach. In a nutshell, leafy green veggies are some of the best foods to boost testosterone thanks to their rich magnesium content.

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Oyster is undoubtedly one of the best foods to boost testosterone because it contains more zinc per serving than any other food in the world! Isn’t it incredible?! Moreover, it also helps to improve sperm health and male reproductive function. It also contains decent amount of protein and vitamin D which also take part in increasing the amount of testosterone produced in the body.


This delicious sweet food item from our honeybees friends can also help you to increase the testosterone level in your body. All credits goes to a mineral called boron that is known for boosting the test in human body. It is also a great natural energy booster. So if you want to be energetic as well as want to have healthy amount of T-level in your body, start consuming honey in your breakfasts.


Milk is a complete food. It has almost all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Just like other animal sources, it is also rich in protein as well as vitamin D. Moreover, it is also rich in other Vitamins and essential minerals such as Calcium that helps to improve your bone health. That is why, consuming one glass of milk everyday can provide you lots of health benefits along with increasing the testosterone in your body.



We are all aware of the fact that all the animal food items are rich in protein and vitamin D. Eggs are no exception. So, it is obvious that they can also help you to boost the production of testosterone in your body. And just like any other protein sources, they are also beneficial for weight loss and muscle gain.


Therefore, these are the top 12 best foods to boost testosterone in your body. Adding these foods to your diet can help boost your T-levels naturally and improve your overall health and well-being. However, it is essential to consume them in moderation and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns regarding any food from this abovementioned list. Choose the foods wisely according to your taste and what suits you most. Lastly, you need to be patient because you can’t increase your body’s testosterone level overnight so stick to these testosterone booster foods for at least a few months to get noticeable changes in your hormonal levels. Hopefully, you have found this article: “10 Best Foods to Boost Testosterone in Your Body Naturally!” helpful enough. If it is really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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