5 Best Protein Sources You Need Most for Muscle-building!

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle in our body. Without an optimum amount of daily protein intake, you will be having trouble building muscles properly. At least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is considered optimum for muscle growth in a beginner fitness enthusiast. However, the quantity can be increased up to 2 grams/lb when an athlete progresses into the intermediate or advanced level in the future. Anyway, here we have discussed about 5 best protein sources that are more than enough for you as a beginner to gain muscle pretty fast. Just include at least 3 of them in your daily diet and get the optimum amount of protein that you need for muscle building.

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It is no secret that eggs are arguably the cheapest source of protein as well as one of the best protein sources that you need for building muscle. One whole egg contains 6 gram of protein and lots of other nutrients like healthy fats, multiple vitamins, and minerals that your body need for growth and strength externally and internally. Eggs also have a little amount of Omega-3 fatty acids which is a type of good fat that our body needs to recover our muscles from workouts easily so that muscle growth can accelerate without any unnecessary soreness.

Eggs are some of the oldest protein sources as well as popular as they are consumed from centuries. Even in ancient times, when there was a limited source of knowledge about varieties of protein sources, people used to consume eggs in their daily diet especially the kings and emperors as they knew that it will make them stronger physically. So without any doubt, a few eggs are must in your daily diet if you want to build muscles naturally in a healthy way without wasting a ton of money.

Chicken Breast

If there was a synonym for protein, chicken would be the one considering how popular it is as a source of protein. Chicken is one of the best protein sources for building lean muscle mass. As it has very less calories as well as low in fat, it is a perfect high-quality protein source. Here, we are not going to recommend you to consume chicken daily as you may already know it.

We are suggesting you to consume chicken breast only because it has the highest amount of protein than any other body parts of a chicken. 100 grams of chicken breast contains 29 to 32 grams of protein depending on the quality of the chicken. Thus, it is no doubt that chicken breast is one of the richest if not the richest source of protein in the whole world. So, include chicken breast in your daily diet to get the maximum amount of protein to build lean muscle mass properly and faster.

Salmon & Tuna

Seafood especially Sea-fishes are popular for their richness in protein and salmon & tuna are two of the fishes which are richest in protein. Let’s come to tuna first. Tuna is the highest and best protein source among all the other sea fishes and seafood as 100 grams of Tuna contains 28 grams of protein and 1.3 grams of fat which is too low and great as a protein food. That’s why, it is considered one of the richest and obviously best protein sources. You can build lean muscle mass easily without gaining extra fat if you include tuna in your daily diet.

Salmon is not that high in protein like tuna. 100 grams of salmon fish contains 20 grams of protein as well as 13 grams of fat. It seems that salmon is not-so-good as a protein source for muscle building, right? Then, why did we include it? Let’s dive deep. The 13 grams of fat is full of healthy fatty acids called Omega-3. As we have already discussed, Omega-3 is essential for recovering the muscles from the damage and soreness which our muscles get from the workouts. With faster recovery, your body will be able to build muscles faster and you can be able to train with more intensity as there would be less soreness and tiredness in your muscles.

So, you can realise how important muscles recovery is for bodybuilding and fortunately, Salmon is one of the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids. That is why, we suggest you to include salmon in your daily diet so that with enough protein, you can get enough Omega-3 to recover your muscles faster and accelerate the growth.


We all know that red meat is a great source of protein and you can include red meat in your diet to gain muscle faster. But, if you want to know the best red meat source that contains the highest amount of protein then you should go for venison as 100 grams of venison contains more or less 30 grams of protein which is richer than any other read meat sources namely beef which contains 24 grams of protein. Moreover, venison contains iron, zinc and other essential minerals which helps you to maintain a healthy testosterone level.

However, any red meat is high in saturated fats as well as cholesterol and venison is not an exception as 100 grams of venison contains 13 grams of fat. That is why, red meats are slow-digesting protein sources unlike poultries like chicken. For this reason, consuming venison daily in a moderate amount is the best way to get the optimum amount of protein without having much trouble in your digestive system, cholesterol level and your body fat. So, red meat especially venison is one of the highest and best protein sources you can include in your diet to accelerate your muscle growth.

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Dairy Protein

Dairy protein sources are some of the most popular and best protein sources that athletes and bodybuilders have been using for last few decades. 2 of the most popular sources of dairy protein are: Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Obviously, they are not going to provide you tons of protein like whey protein or other dairy-based supplements do, still, these two provides enough high quality protein that a natural healthy protein food should provide. 200 grams of cottage cheese provides 22 grams of protein whereas Greek yogurt provides 18 grams of protein per 200 grams.

Left: Cottage cheese. Right: Greek Yogurt

These dairy products are great for breakfast as well as dinner before bed to help continue the muscle-building progress aka anabolic phase of the body throughout the whole night as they are slow-digesting protein foods. Moreover, Greek yogurt has probiotics that means, healthy gut-bacteria which help in improving the digestive system. So, there’s no denying that dairy protein sources are also outstanding in terms of providing high-quality protein and other benefits too. You should not miss them in your daily diet to improve your muscle-building process.


Therefore, these are the top 5 best protein sources that you should include in your daily diet if you want to get the optimum amount of high-quality protein as well as tons of other health benefits in your body so that your muscle gain can reach a new height in a very short time. With the help of the optimum amount of protein, healthy fats, and other substances of all of these foods, you can gain lean muscle mass easily if you are dedicated enough to your diet, nutrition, and workout. Anyway, hopefully, you have found this article about the best protein sources helpful enough. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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