Calorie Deficit Diet – The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight!

If you are overweight and really worried about it, you must have searched tons of ways to lose weight and fat. While some of them obviously can be effective for you, rest are either not that useful or not the healthiest way to lose weight. You may have adjusted your diet too for weight loss but it won’t be enough. For best results, the most important thing that you need to do is to follow a calorie deficit diet.

I firmly believe that following a clean calorie deficit diet is the most effective way lose extra weight and fat of your body. If you start to follow this diet protocol, all other things will fall in line like exercise and avoiding junk foods etc. – we will know about that later in this article. Without further wasting time, let’s know how you can follow a calorie deficit diet and how it can be a healthy game-changer in your weight loss journey.

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What is A Calorie Deficit Diet?

Before knowing why calorie deficit diet is so effective in weight loss, you need to know what actually is considered a calorie deficit diet. As its name suggests, calorie deficit means shortage of calories. That basically means, you have to consume less calories than what you are consuming now. But the actual definition of calorie deficit is that a diet that has fewer calories than what you burn in a regular basis. That means, you have to not only eat less than usual but also eat less energy than what you spend in a day to day life.

How Does Calorie Deficit Work?

Almost everyone knows that we need to eat less to lose weight but calorie deficit is different than simply eating less foods. Calorie deficit means you have to consume less calories than you burn. For example, if you are eating like 2500 calories everyday and you are burning like 2000 calories then the rest of the 500 calories store in your body as fat and it makes you gain weight.

Now, if you want to lose weight with the help of calorie deficit, you need to consume only 1500 calories at least to lose weight effectively. You can’t consume 2000 calories because that is the same amount you burn so it wouldn’t help you lose the weight. That’s why, you need to eat less than what you burn (like in this example, 1500 calories) – that’s how calorie deficit works.

How to Follow A Calorie Deficit Diet?

Before starting to follow a calorie deficit diet, you need to calculate a few things such as: what is your daily calorie intake in present time? How much calorie do you burn approximately per day (from every day to day activities to any exercises)? As an average healthy human being, how much calorie should you take (This is calculated based on your gender, height and age)? After calculating these things, you can easily aim for the calories you need to consume in a calorie deficit diet.

Let’s take an example for clarification. Suppose, you are having 2800 calories per day in present time but you burn like 2100 calories in day to day activities including exercises and everything. So, the rest of the calories you consume get stored into your body as fat and extra weight. Now, the general thumb rule of calorie deficit is to cut down 500 calories from what you burn and this is the answer of how much calories you should consume in a calorie deficit diet per day. In this example, it means that you have to forget about the calories you consume and then, subtract 500 calories from 2100 calories which is 1600 calories – this is how you easily calculate how much you should consume in a calorie deficit diet.

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Keep in mind that the calories you burn will remain the same because that’s the ultimate goal of this diet – to burn more and eat less. If you are too overweight then you can also reduce the calories up to 1000 compared to what you burn.

Calorie Deficit Diet – Most Effective Way to Lose Weight!

Here comes the great question: what makes this calorie deficit diet the most effective way to lose weight in a healthy way? The reason is very simple. This diet forces you to consume less calories than what you burn – not only this provides your body no chance to store extra calories but also it takes all the stored calories (as fats) from your body for burning because again, same words: you are eating less than what you burn.

In the introduction, I said that exercise and avoiding junk foods will fall in line if you follow this diet. How? Because, even if you don’t get involved in any type of physical activities (which I don’t recommend though), you still can lose weight very fast because all you need to do is to consume fewer calories than what you burn. Nevertheless, I recommend you to involve in some physical activities because they will boost your weight loss journey. Below in this link, there are some great cardio exercises that you can try along with calorie deficit diet to take your weight loss journey into the next level.

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Same goes for junk foods. If you are restricted in this diet, there is almost no chance of eating high calorie foods like junk foods or foods that are refined carbs or high in fats because, if you consume any of these high calorie foods, your diet will be ruined with extra calories consumed and If you are really dedicated enough in your weight loss journey, you will never let this happen. That is why, I said that if you follow calorie deficit diet, all of these other ways to lose weight will fall in line.

All of these reasons are more than enough to prove why calorie deficit diet is the most effective way to lose weight and extra fat.

Pro Tips to Perfect Your Diet

Only reducing your daily calorie intake than your daily calorie burn won’t give you best results. Here are some pro tips that you should follow if you want to get the most out of this calorie deficit diet.

Eat High-protein Foods

Foods that are less in calories but high in only protein are the ones you should consume. Chicken breasts, egg whites, lean beef, slim milk etc. Are some of the best high protein sources that you can add in your diet. High-protein foods with low calories will help you in fat loss while providing you lean muscle mass and strength in your body.

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Eat More Soluble Fibers

Soluble fibers not only limit the insulin spikes after eating meals but also control the hunger hormone. Firstly, Insulin spikes increase your blood sugar level and it will prevent you to lose fat. Secondly, the hunger hormone makes you feel hungry more which is even worse in a calorie deficit diet because the chances of ruining your diet will be higher when you are hungry! For this reason, fiber-rich foods like leafy greens, almonds, apples, lentils, oatmeal etc. should be included in a diet to keep insulin and hunger hormone in check.

Eat Small But Frequent Meals

As we have already known that in a calorie deficit diet, it is very normal to get hungry easily but along with fiber-rich foods, eating small meals but more frequently will also help you a lot to deal your hunger. Take 5 or 6 small meals per day to reach the amount of calories you need to reach in your diet. It will lessen your hunger and keep your stomach healthy.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water will also help you to get rid of hunger pangs. Drink sufficient amount of water to keep your body hydrated and to aid your hunger pangs for some time. A hydrated body will also absorb the nutrients faster and we all know how crucial it is to absorb nutrients in our body whether we are in a weight loss journey or not.


In the conclusion, all I hope that you have found this article about calorie deficit diet helpful enough. If you perfectly follow this diet strictly and dedicatedly, weight loss will be a lot easier and you will easily lose few pounds per 1 to 1.5 weeks. As we have already discussed, along with the diet, cardio exercise can also be beneficial for your fat loss. Lastly, don’t forget to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

Meta: Following a calorie deficit diet is the most effective way lose weight and fat of your body. Let’s know how to follow it & how it can be game-changer for weight loss.

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