Dirty Bulking: Beneficial or Harmful?! Know the Truth!

The term “bulking” is a very familiar word in the world of bodybuilding, weightlifting and some other physically active sports. Basically, bulking is a method of rapid weight gain as well as mass gain which is done by increasing the daily calorie intake paired with lifting weights or using resistance training in the gym. So, bulking simply means that you have to gain weight and add size in your physique while gaining muscles and strength. Bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes follow this bulking method while in off-season so that they can pack on more strength and muscle size in their body. But, there are two types of bulking. One is: Clean bulking and the other one is: Dirty bulking. In this article, we will discuss about the dirty bulking and whether it is effective or harmful.

Bulking: Two Types to Know!

There’s two main types of bulking. The first one is called clean bulking which basically means, you have to increase your daily calorie intake more than you burn like 500 more calories than your daily needed calories but all the diet in this bulking would be clean nutritious whole foods packed with complex carbs, high quality protein sources, good fats and multivitamins.

Defining Dirty Bulking…

The second and most controversial one is called dirty bulking which simply means, you can eat whatever you want to eat without tracking your macros like protein and fats or micronutrients like Vitamins and minerals. In the case of dirty bulking, you have to just focus on eating more calories than you burn on a daily basis. You can eat your favorite burgers, pizzas, and soft drinks without thinking about anything. You have to just make sure that you’re taking more calories than you are burning.

Different Methods of Dirty Bulking!

There are some ways to use dirty bulk. Some try to utilize it as much healthily as possible even though dirty bulking is never healthy. On the other hand, some just overeat in the name of dirty bulking. Let’s know how different people use it differently to bulk up their physique.

  1. Some people just increase their daily calorie intake by a limited amount and check the calories in a regular basis. For example, if your regular daily requirement of calories are 2000 then you can add 500 calories more to your daily calories. Then you can just eat whatever you want to eat until it reaches to 2500 calories. This is a way to avoid overeating still a dirty way to bulk up your physique.
  2. In rare cases, there are some people who just want to utilise the dirty bulking in a safer way than others. They not only track the extra calories but also track the daily protein intake so that they can be sure that not only they are not overeating but also they are getting enough protein to build significant muscle mass while bulking, not just unnecessary fat. This might be the healthiest way to follow dirty bulking even though dirty bulking is never healthy as I already said above.
  3. And there are some people who just overeats anything in the name of dirty bulking because not only they don’t track any calories in a regular basis but also they eat and consume whatever they want starting from any high carb and high fat foods to limitless alcohol consumption. This is the unhealthiest way to follow dirty bulking.

Is Dirty Bulking beneficial for You?

Short answer is no, it’s not beneficial to you. Long answer is, in some extent, it might be beneficial for you because it can ensure that you get the extra calories needed for bulking up your physique. So, from a bulking standpoint or adding mass in your physique, dirty bulking is somewhat beneficial to some extent. But, if we add the overall health factor and muscle mass as well as quality then dirty bulking is not a good option at all.

Disadvantages of Dirty Bulking!

The most depressing disadvantage that you get from dirty bulking is, you will gain unwanted fat in your physique which might make your bulked up physique worse. This is because of all the unhealthy fats you are eating during dirty bulking.

Another disadvantage of following the dirty bulking is that you feel sluggish due to the hormonal changes and temporary spikes that occur inside your body thanks to the high-carb, high-fat, and high-calorie food that you consume for bulking. You might also feel bloated from eating all those high-calorie foods which lead to overeating.

And, the last one is, dirty bulking can harm your internal organs from chances of heart disease to type-2 diabetes, from high cholesterol to blood sugar increase and even limiting the function of the brain  – all these health issues may occur if you follow dirty bulking because of course, most of our junk food and we know consuming junk foods may result into these health effects.

So, Should You Avoid Dirty Bulking?

If you want to avoid dirty bulking then I’m definitely agree with you. You should avoid dirty bulking and start eating clean so that no extra fat will be added to you physique so that you get a big and muscular with a healthy body-fat percentage. Also, your internal organs will be healthy without any health issue and you will be full of energy without any bloated or sluggish feeling. On the contrary, if you want to really try or follow dirty bulking, make sure don’t go dirty on eating anything rather at least track your calories and protein intake so that you know that you aren’t overeating and you are eating enough protein to grow your muscles, not just fat.

Furthermore, keep in mind that don’t follow dirty bulking for a longer period of time because not only it will harm the internal organs of your body but also your bulking will go worse than expected. A few months of dirty bulking is enough to gain weight and add mass in your body. Therefore, I think that I have cleared all the queries regarding dirty bulking and whether it’s beneficial for us or not. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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