How to Lose Face Fat? 5 Best Tips to Follow!

We all want to lose fat from some certain areas of our body like thighs, arms, belly and even face to make our look more appealing. Some of us want to lose fat from our cheeks and chin so that we may look better. There are many massagers or exerciser tool available online that claim to reduce your face fat easily in few days! But that’s far from reality. Losing fat may not be rocket science but it is also not a piece of cake. A long time of clean diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle lead to fatless body. Anyway, we have tried our best to explain how to lose face fat as soon as possible with these 5 outstanding ways. Let’s know them one by one.

Start Cardio Exercise

One of the biggest myth regarding health and fitness is that you can actually lose fat from the desired areas of your body like thighs, arms, belly and face. But in reality, you cannot lose fat from a particular area of your body. To know more about this myth and some other popular myths, read this: Biggest Fitness Myths That You Should Avoid Immediately!

So, you can’t lose fat from a particular area of your body which means, you have to lose your overall body fat to look more healthy, young and attractive. Obviously specific exercises for specific body parts can play some role to make that area toned but losing overall body fat with cardio training and clean diet is the best way to do it.

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Ever seen professional bodybuilders during prep season? Their faces are called “Deathface” because their faces looks so low in fat because their whole bodies are already low in fat. Now, you can understand why you need to do cardio for losing the overall body fat so that your face also looks firm and not fuller. Here are the best cardio exercises you can easily include in your daily life. And with the help of those cardio exercises, you can not only lose your overall body fat but also lose your face fat as we said before.

Maintain a Clean Diet

Only cardio is not enough to lose your overall body fat if you eat junk foods in your daily life so what you have to do is to limit your daily calorie intake and put some heathy foods into your stomach and avoid those junk foods and sugary items. Consume adequate protein to maintain the lean physique and promote fat loss. Protein sources like poultry, eggs, sea fishes (Salmon, Tuna, Sardine etc.), red meat, whey protein etc. If possible then try to maintain a caloric deficit diet in which you have to consume less calorie than your body needs in daily basis. You can cut calories down to 10 to 15% from your daily needs. In that way, you can easily lose your body fat which results into losing your face fat and making you more attractive within few months.

Avoid Refined Carbs & Unhealthy Fats

It is also a part of the previous point: clean diet but we have decided to divide it for better understanding. You have to avoid refined carbs like white rice, white bread and all those tasty pizzas and burgers if you really want to lose fat from your body and face. Include complex carbs which don’t store as fat in your body. In your diet, include brown bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes etc. Complex carbohydrate food items to stay lean and fatless.

Another bad thing is unhealthy fats. It is no doubt that the junk foods that we consume are not only full of refined carbs but also full of unhealthy trans fats which will not only make you obese but also lead to many diseases such as Type-II Diabetes, high Cholesterol, high Blood Pressure, stomach ulcer etc. to name a few. So, you have to avoid those unhealthy fats any means possible if you want to stay lean and make your face less firm and fatless. Include healthy fats like peanut butter, fatty fishes which are full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids because those healthy fats won’t make you obese rather they will promote healthier skin cells and will reduce the chance of various diseases related to heart, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. So, in short, avoid refined carbs and trans fats to avoid your face and body becomes more obese than before!

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Start Facial Exercises

To speed up the process of losing face fat, you can also include various facial exercises along with cardio which can help you to have a toned face without any extra fat. Although facial exercises might not help you lose fat from your face as we already mentioned that you can’t lose fat by working out for a particular body part. But yes, various studies have found out that facial exercises can tone the muscles situated near the cheekbones which can ultimately make your face slim and tight. So, with cardio, you can lose the face fat and with facial exercises, you can tone the face-related muscles. In this way, you can easily get a slimmer, firm, toned face that will look way more attractive than before.

Sleep Well for 7 to 9 Hours at Night

Whatever your health goal is, a sound sleep of a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 9 hours is always a good method to help you reach that goal. Even when it comes to lose face fat, sleep might be an important part. Many times, because of lack of sleep, our face especially cheeks and eyes look fuller and bloated which results into appearing our face as more fatty. That is why, you need good sleep of 7+ hours at night so that your face looks refreshing without any unnecessary fullness of bloating.

Bonus Trick!

Drink Water before Eating

Drinking water makes us full for a moment so before eating, you can try this easy trick. Drink water before you are going to eat a meal so that you can eat less and stay lean. This is just a trick that you can use to eat less in quantity but depending on person to person it may vary. So, don’t forget to follow the main 5 methods we have discussed above. This bonus tip is just a small addition.

Therefore, these are all the best ways to lose face fat as soon as possible in a healthy and realistic way. Don’t forget to follow all the methods properly as we explained and don’t fall for those fake clickbait like: “lose face fat in 3 days or one week!” these are literally impossible without surgery. Anyway, hope you guys have found this article about how to lose face fat helpful. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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