Full Body Workout Routine: How to do, Benefits & More!

Full body workout routine is one of the most effective and best workout routine for beginners and novice gym-goers who want to gain size and strength in their muscles in a safe and injury-free way. I have seen some of the beginners start following bro-split or push/pull/legs routine after going to the gym for a few days. This leads to sudden injury to bones & muscles as they are not strong and habituated enough to handle the sudden resistance training or weight lifting for a longer period of time. So, the safest way to progress as a beginner is to follow full body workout routine. Let’s know, why you should follow this routine & how to follow this routine to be strong and gain some muscles.

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Why Should You Follow Full Body Workout Routine?

Are you new to the gym? Have you just been doing workouts for merely a few days or weeks? Then, you have to follow very simple workout routine which not only should be safest but also should be effective for your muscle size and muscular strength. If you are a newbie then your muscles must not be strong or habituated enough for the weight lifting and intense resistance training so you should follow a basic beginner workout plan to start with.

The most popular among the beginner athletes and fitness enthusiasts is full body workout routine. This is a very basic routine followed by thousands of beginner as well as novice gym-goers. You even don’t need to go to gym daily to follow this plan. All you need is to go the gym three or four times a week and workout for only maximum 45 minutes of duration.

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What is Full Body Workout Routine & How Do You Follow it?

Now, let’s know briefly know about full body workout routine. A full body workout plan is simply a routine that includes full body training which means you have to target all the major muscle groups in a single workout session. Full body workout routine should be done 3 times per week with one day gap in-between. So, that means, you have to rest on other 4 days for best results because it allows your muscles to recover and grow faster. For example, if you perform full body workout on Monday then rest on Tuesday and again do full body on Wednesday then again rest on Thursday and then full body on Friday and lastly, rest on Saturday.

That means, your full body workout routine should be:

  • Monday: Full body
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Full body
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Full body
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

Or, you can also do full body on alternate days like Tuesday & Thursday while resting on Wednesday & Friday.

What Should You Include in Your Full Body Routine?

As we already mentioned, full body means you have to target all the major muscle groups in a single workout session. So, you can start with basic muscle & strength building compound exercises like push ups, pull ups, bodyweight squats, sit ups, kettle bell swings etc. All of them are great for targeting multiple muscle groups like push ups can build your chest, triceps & shoulders while pull ups can take care of your back muscles and biceps. So, try to include these types of exercises in your full body workout routine to gain muscle safely and fast. Sudden resistance training or weight lifting can easily injure your unhabituated body so you should start with bodyweight exercises to get habituated and make your muscles strong enough.

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Then, after a few weeks or a month, when your muscles are strong enough to handle weight lifting then you can try some isolated exercises such as biceps curl, shoulder press with small size dumbbells and staple weight lifting exercises namely bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, overhead shoulder press, bent-over barbell row with light weight. Your main concern should be the proper form & performing the exercise as safely as possible.

Anyway, what you have to do is to perform each exercise for 4 sets for each muscle one by one. One exercise for each muscle and continue like this until all the major muscle groups are targeted. In case of bodyweight exercises like push ups & pull ups, you can easily target multiple muscle groups in a single workout so that’s a plus for you.

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In The Concluding Lines…

Therefore, I hope that you have realised how beneficial it is to follow full body workout routine as a beginner or novice gym-goer to get optimum muscle gains and strength in the safest way possible to further progress in the fitness journey with more complex workout routines. Another thing to keep in mind that whatever workout routine you’re following, don’t forget to warm your body up before starting your workout sessions. Lastly, if you have found this article helpful enough then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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