Get Bigger Arms Fast! 5 Tips to Follow for Beginners!

Arms have always been the most attractive body part when it comes to show off your muscles. As a beginner or novice gym-goer, you must be fascinated to watch elite athletes with big and ripped arms. You may have started to perform bicep curls so that you can also get bigger arms but if you’re thinking that focusing only on bicep muscles will help you to get bigger arms then you are totally wrong. Here, we have explained top 5 tips and methods that will help you to get an overall bigger arms in only a few months if you follow them properly. Let’s get started.

Focus on Your Triceps More!

The worst mistake most of the beginners do is to only focus on biceps. If you really want to get bigger arms that will not only look bigger and muscular but also look proportionate then you need to focus on every muscles in the arm separately. Surprisingly, the largest muscle in the arm is the triceps. Yes, that’s true! It may not look like it is the largest but triceps make most of the arms’ muscles. It is because, triceps muscles have 3 heads while bicep muscles has two heads hence the name: triceps and biceps. And, without a good amount of triceps muscles, your arm can’t grow and look bigger.

Jeremy showing his excellent tricep development

That’s why, along with biceps, give your same focus, time and importance on your triceps so that it can also grow bigger and muscular. For biceps, traditional exercises like barbell bicep curl, alternating dumbbell curl and hammer curl – these 3 are more than enough for a beginner. For triceps, overhead dumbbell triceps extension, dips, skull crusher, rope pulldown – these 4 are more than enough to hit all the heads of your triceps.

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Proper Form is a Must

From the day 1 in the gym, inscribe this in your mind that there is no alternative of good form. It does not matter what exercise you are performing for what muscle group; if you are not doing it in right form then you are just wasting your time in the gym and losing lots of potential for muscle gain.

If you are new to the gym or new to any exercise that you plan to add in your workout, go to your trainer or coach and learn the proper form first with lightweights then get accustomed by gradually increasing the weights. The method of gradually increasing the weight or reps or sets or intensity for any exercise is called progressive overload and it is the perfect way to gain muscle mass easily in a healthy way.

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Mastering the form of exercises first for not only arms but also for other body parts will help you immensely in your muscle growth. Poor form while performing exercises can also lead to unnecessary injuries that can hamper your journey to get bigger arms so you must exercise with proper form of you want to achieve your fitness goal.

Don’t Forget to Train Your Deltoids!

Deltoids are the group of muscles that are located from the shoulder joint to the upper portion of arms. And even though, deltoid muscles are not traditionally a part of arms’ muscles, most of the portion of this muscle group is located on the upper arms. So, to get bigger arms, training and focusing on deltoids along with biceps and triceps is also necessary.

A big and muscular set of deltoids will make you look attractive because it can broaden your shoulder that makes you look wide and physically attractive. Moreover, it will make your arms look proportionate and also, a strong pair of deltoids can help you a ton by providing you enough shoulder strength that sometimes can be needed while working out specific exercises especially for chest, triceps and biceps.

Cbum’s amazing delts

So, if you don’t want to miss out all these benefits of having strong and muscular deltoids then you better should focus on them too as much as you do for other arm muscles. After all, the combination of biceps, triceps and deltoids makes a arm bigger, stronger and stronger. To train deltoids, lateral raises, front raises, dumbbell shoulder press and overhead barbell press – these 4 are more than enough for a beginner to grow the deltoids.

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Implement Mind-muscle Connection During Exercises!

To define shortly, mind-muscle connection is the scientific terminology of the simpler word called “focus”. That means, you need to focus during your exercises and it will be easier for you to gain muscles. So, what you need to do is to focus during each repetition of your exercise and feel the contraction of muscles without getting distracted.

It will increase the muscle activation and the more muscle activation you will have, the more muscle you can gain further. Mind-muscle connection actually helps to send signal to your brain to feel the blood flow and the contraction of muscles while you’re working out. This leads to greater muscle activation and thus, better muscle growth.

That’s why, focusing while you are exercising is so crucial for muscle gain. I’m not saying, only create mind-muscle connection during biceps and triceps workout rather you can apply it to any type of workout for any muscles. This method will not only help you to get bigger arms but also help you to get bigger and muscular chest, back, legs and shoulders.

Feel The Pump!

Pump is when blood and water started flowing through your muscles while working out so that you muscles can get the enough oxygen they need for that time and that blood flow can cause your muscles to get tighter, look bigger and swollen during that time. Muscle pump starts after doing a few working sets of an exercise for that particular muscle and lasts up to half an hour after the workout.

The phrase “Feel the pump” is a famous line that means you need to feel the tightness and fullness of muscles during and after your exercise. It’s kind of related to mind-muscle connection but not entirely the same. What I mean to say is that you need to feel the blood rushing through your muscles during the interval time between the sets and after workout.

Arnold feeling the pump after workout

It is better to flex the muscle after you workout that particular muscle group. Flexing and feeling the pump during the intervals or after workout can also lead to muscle gain according to some recent studies. So, Arnold’s feel the pump technique is not entirely a myth. If you want to get bigger arms, flex everyday after workout, feel the blood flow and let your brain know that how hard you are training so that your brain tells your other organs to absorb nutrients in a better way for better muscle growth.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, these are the best 5 tips and methods we have stored for you so that you can get a pair of big and muscular arms fast. Along with all these tips, don’t forget to get proper nutrition and protein. Without proper amount of protein, muscle gain is not possible so never neglect your diet and nutrition. All your hard work would go in vain if you don’t follow a clean high protein diet. Hope, you have found this article about how to get bigger arms helpful enough. If it is really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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