Best Exercises for Biceps to Get Big Arms!

When it comes to be the most attractive and popular muscle groups, then Bicep muscles always stay in the top of the list along with Abs and chest because it is a muscle group that can easily be visible on the garments like T-shirts, vest, shirts etc. And males tend to show them off to attract the females. Anyway, the muscle is called Biceps Brachii and we all know “Bi” means two so it is formed by 2 muscle fibres which are commonly known as the long head and the short head. The short head of the Biceps is what makes them bigger and muscular from all angles but the long head of the Biceps makes them look peaky when you flex so you need to train both of them to get a perfect set of Bicep muscles. So, if you want to build a big, muscular and attractive set of Biceps then you need to include these 5 best exercises for Bicep which will help you to grow both the short and long heads properly. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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This photo shows Phil Heath’s perfect bicep vs Ronnie Coleman’s peaky Bicep

Barbell Bicep Curl

Starting our best exercise for Bicep list with the good, old and traditional Barbell Curl. Barbell Curl as well as dumbbell Curl are maybe two of the most popular exercises for Biceps that almost everyone knows. Even people who are not engaged in physical activities and exercises can tell that barbell Curl and dumbbell Curl are the staple exercises for Biceps. Anyway, there are a few reasons why Barbell Curl is hugely popular as well as very effective. Not only this exercise is beginner-friendly and easy-to-learn but also it can be done in different ways to hit both the short head and the long head of the Bicep.

The traditional shoulder-width Barbell Curl will help you target both heads of the Bicep muscles but if you want to focus more on the short head of the Biceps then you have to either use close grip of the barbell or use the EZ bar to perform Bicep Curls. It is popularly known as EZ-Bar Curl. On the contrary, if you want to focus on getting a good peak on your Biceps, then you need to focus on the long head by performing Wide-grip Barbell Curls. So, as you can see, you can target the Bicep in various ways with Barbell Curls which makes it easily one of the best exercises for Bicep. Moreover, you can progressively overload heavyweight on barbells to perform it in order to get more size on your Biceps. Furthermore, the range of motion is also optimum in this exercise so there should be no reason to miss this outstanding exercise if you want big and muscular Biceps.

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl is also an extremely popular exercise for Bicep muscles. If you can perform this exercise properly, it can provide you lots of other benefits other than making your Biceps bigger. With Hammer Curls, your forearm muscles can also be targeted and the exercise can help you to build the strength and stability in your arms so that you can perform other exercises without any problem.

Hammer Curl mostly targets the short head of the Biceps so that you can make your Bicep muscles bigger and bulkier. Along with perfect range of motion and targeting the short head of the muscle precisely, Hammer Curl can also seriously build the strength in you Biceps and forearms more than most other Bicep exercises. So, is there any doubt about why it is one of the best exercises for Bicep? I don’t think so. You should not miss this incredible exercise if you want size, strength and muscularity in your Biceps and forearms.

Alternating Dumbbell Curl

In my opinion, Alternating Dumbbell Curl is the best Bicep exercise but even if it is not then it is one of the best exercises for Bicep and that’s for sure. There are two primary reasons for why I prefer this exercise so much are: 1. As it is an alternating exercise, you can focus each one of your arms at a time so that you can get the maximum tension on your Bicep muscles from this exercise.

2. With this dumbbell exercise, you can get longer range of motion than most other Bicep exercise thanks to the freedom of movement it provides. And that longer range of motion will help you to put more tension on your muscles to make them bigger, stronger and obviously, muscular. Moreover, should I have to mention the fact that Alternating Bicep Curl targets both the long and short head of the Bicep muscles? Anyway, if you want to get all-rounded bigger and muscular Biceps then this exercise is a must.

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Preacher Curl

Preacher Curl has become very popular in the last few decades among the fitness enthusiasts. It is really a great isolation exercise for Biceps. The only disadvantage you can find in this exercise is that it has limited range of motion due to the fact that you have to keep your arms on the seat to perform it. But, that disadvantage can easily be paid for the stability and safety it provides. First of all, we have to put our arms on a particular angle which is the perfect angle when it comes to put the tension on Bicep while exercising and secondly, that stability of arms makes the exercise easier, safe and beginner-friendly.

So, if a beginner wants to start working out for Biceps, Preacher Curl can easily be one of the safest and easiest exercises for him/her to try and learn. Preacher Curl mainly puts more tension on the long head of the Bicep muscles and it does it’s job fine as I explained. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best exercises for Bicep that you should not miss if you want a set of Biceps with good peak.

Cable Curl

Cable Curl may look like similar to Barbell Curl but it is different than Barbell Curl. How? Firstly, Barbell Curl provides freedom of movement which leads to longer range of motion whereas cable curl has a limited range of motion within which you have to perform the exercise. Secondly, Cable Curl provides constant tension on your muscles while you are performing it in full range of motion unlike Barbell Curl where you can get a second of rest at the bottom after lowering the barbell after each rep.

In short, Cable Curl creates more total time under tension than Barbell Curl. Moreover, you can get different types of handle positions to utilise this exercise differently to focus on both the heads of the bicep muscles. So, it is certainly one of the best exercises for Bicep but keep in mind, it is not beginner-friendly like most others so make sure, you are habituated enough to other staple Biceps exercises like Barbell Curl and Dumbbell Curls before starting Cable Curls.


Therefore, these are the 5 best exercises for Bicep muscles that you should include in your workout sessions if you want to build a big and muscular set of Biceps. All these exercises are amazing to gain muscle size in your Biceps so you can easily include 3 or 4 of them as per your preference. However, if you are planning to ditch Barbell Curl and Alternating Dumbbell Curl then I strongly suggest you to include at least one of them if not both because both of them are tremendously helpful to gain muscle in your Biceps as we already have discussed above. Anyway, hope you have found this article about best exercises for Biceps helpful enough. If it is really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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