How to Increase Height Naturally!

Height is an area that is pretty much limited by genetics and age so we don’t have much control over it like we have over our bodyweight. Like, we can increase or decrease our weight as per our choice but in case of height, it’s pretty much out of our hands. Still, there are some things you can do (if you are not doing) to increase height naturally without taking any type of drugs or synthetic HGH. With that being said, you are still limited by your genetics. These natural methods will help you to increase your height up to your genetic potential. So, you can’t expect drastic change like your height might increase 2 or 3 centimetres maximum not like 2 or 3 inches in any way. Without further wasting time, let’s know the ways to increase height naturally.

Follow a Balanced Diet

A healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is always very important when it comes to change your physique in the way you want. Just like in weight loss and weight gain, balanced diet also plays a crucial role in increasing your height too. For specifically focus into your height, you need to add mainly 3 things in your diet which are: protein, Vitamin D and calcium. Protein is for your overall muscle and other organ’s growth while Calcium and Vitamin D are for your bone strength and the ultimate development of your bone structures and size.

So, with the combination of these three, you can increase your height. Add high protein food items such as chicken breast, red meat, eggs, tuna etc. in your diet. Red meat and egg yolks are also rich in Vitamin D so adding them to you diet will meet your two requirements together. And the last one, for calcium, consume milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy items. Moreover, a balanced healthy diet will also help to release the more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in your body and that hormone will help you to grow your body and obviously will help to increase height.

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Avoid Junk Foods And Refined Carbs

Eating junk foods in a regular basis can harm your health in a lot of ways and stunting your height is one of them because junk foods and high as well as refined carbs like sweets, pastries, alcohol, soft drinks, French fries, pizzas, burgers, chips etc. will unbalance the release of various hormones in your body especially, these junk foods harm the release of HGH hormone and testosterone – the two primary hormones for the growth of the body.

Moreover, the insulin hormone will secrete in a high amount every time you consume junk foods and that hormone will affect the growth of the body by increasing the sugar level in your blood. So, once in a while, eating these foods is fine but don’t make it a habit and avoid as much as possible so that the natural growth of your body won’t hamper.

Get Optimum Amount of Sleep

A proper amount of good sleep helps to release most of the HGH that you need to release per day to grow in a healthy way. So, as a young person, you should aim for 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep so that your growth hormone releases fully and it will help you to grow your body further which means it will ultimately help you to increase height. So, try to maintain a good sleep habit and it will provide you with numerous other health benefits other than increasing your height.

Start Exercising

Even after healthy diet and sleep, if you need to maximize your genetic potential of the growth of your height, you need to exercise. Why? Because just like sound sleep and good diet, exercise also helps to release a significant amount of HGH in your body. Furthermore, it also helps to raise the testosterone level. The intense resistance exercises are claimed to be the best when it comes to release HGH through exercise. And within resistance exercise, the exercises for legs are said to be the best for HGH. So, don’t forget to lift heavy but with proper safety on your leg days. And if you don’t workout or don’t prefer to then performing cardio exercises or a brisk morning walk will also benefit a lot in order to increase height.

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Maintain Proper Posture

After implementing all these methods and changes into your daily life, this is the last thing you can do to increase height naturally. So, there are many people whose back and shoulders are arched due to slouchy sitting for a long time and if you are one of them then you need to change this thing. That change on your posture and bone structure makes you shorter than you real height. So, to maintain proper posture, start sitting and standing straight and tall without arching your posterior chain. Also, quit sitting in a slouchy way. To get back your right posture and get ride of the arched back, you should also start stretching exercises and hanging from the bar. It will help a lot to get your proper posture back then it’s up to you to sit, stand and walk in a right way to maintain the posture so that you look as tall as you should. Many people underestimate this issue but if you maintain right posture, you will surely look significantly taller!


Therefore guys, these are the best methods to apply in your daily life if you want to increase height naturally. Keep in mind, your age must be lower than 21 because after 21 years, most of the people’s height growth stops. So, as you are young enough, you can try all of these way to increase your height naturally without using drugs and other substances. It is also mentionable that height won’t increase overnight. You might have to use these methods for several months or even years to increase a few centimetres of height because as we already said, height is limited by genetics and it’s totally up to your genetic potential.

With all these methods, you will just maximize your genetic potential for height growth. However, if you want better results then you can rely on synthetic HGH and other drugs which is not natural obviously. Anyway, hopefully, you have found this article about how to increase height naturally helpful enough. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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